This website serves as a virtual meeting point for New York School aficionados from across the world. Here you will find information regarding upcoming symposiums (such as the inaugural event of the Network for New York School Studies (NNYSS), listed below), recent publications in New York School studies, the creation of the Network for New York School Studies (stay tuned!), and related projects and events.

The New Work on the New York School research collective was unofficially inaugurated on July 6th, 2018, with its first one-day symposium cultivating ideas and discussion among scholars and poets associated with the New York School(s), punctuated by an evening reading. In 2020, Rona Cran and Yasmine Shamma were awarded an AHRC Research Networking Grant to create and curate the Network for New York School Studies.

As we continue to encourage scholarly, critical, artistic, and readerly responses to New York School poetry, we are pleased to announce that the Network’s inaugural symposium will be held in Paris at the Université Gustave Eiffel in the spring of 2022 (click here for more details). Future events are planned to take place in New York City, Uppsala, and London.


Rona Cran

Yasmine Shamma

or email nwonthenys@gmail.com.

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