Paris 2020: coronavirus update

In light of the ongoing and uncertain coronavirus situation, we have made the very difficult (though perhaps not unexpected) decision to put the New Work on the New York School symposium and poetry reading on hold for now. Although it is still over three months away, we feel that we cannot ask attendees to make travel plans given the current and increasing restrictions unfolding around the world; and of course we have no desire to risk contributing to the pandemic in any way.
We are very sorry about this, and very disappointed that we will not be able to meet with so many brilliant people in July as originally planned. However, we hope that this is a postponement, rather than a cancellation, and that we will be able to hold this event at some point further in the future. Alternatively, we may attempt to create an asynchronous and long-lasting virtual version of the symposium, using blog posts and audio/video versions of talks and readings that would have been given on the day, if you are amenable to this. We will be in touch again soon, once we have a more definite plan in place for an alternative symposium. As many of you know, we are planning to hold a New York-based symposium in 2021, and we very much hope that by then all this chaos will be a distant memory.
If anyone has already booked their travel and is able/wants to travel to Paris in July (if things are approaching normality again by then) we will be happy to put you in touch with each other in case you would like to meet up over a glass of wine or similar to discuss all things New York School in an informal capacity. Just email if this is the case.
Thank you for your understanding, in the meantime, and stay well,
Rona and Yasmine

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